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Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park Birding Drive
Columbus North Birding Drive
Columbus South Birding Drive
Hoover Reservoir Birding Drive

Top Hotspots in Franklin County

180 or more species reported (updated 5/12/2016)
  1. Blendon Woods Metro Park
  2. Pickerington Ponds
  3. Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Darby Bend Lakes (Franklin County)
  4. Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Wet Prairie Teal and Harrier Trails
  5. Hoover Reservoir--Hoover Dam Park
  6. Pickerington Ponds--West (Franklin County)
  7. Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park
  8. Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus
  9. Scioto Audubon Metro Park
  10. Kiwanis Riverway Park

All Hotspots in Franklin County

Alum Creek Trail--I-270 to Easton Way

Alum Creek Trail--Innis Road to Ballyvaughn Drive

Alum Creek Trail--Main Street to Schrock Road

Alum Creek Trail--Sunbury Ridge Drive to Airport Drive

Antrim Park

Avery Park

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Ancient Trail

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Big & Little Darby Creek Confluence

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Cedar Ridge Hawthorn Trail

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Darby Creek Greenway Trail

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Dyer Mill Trail

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Indian Ridge Area

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Kuhlwein Road Wetlands

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Kuhlwein Road Wetlands South

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Nature Center

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Oak Savannah Greenway

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Osprey Lake

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Public Hunting Area

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Race Track Wetlands

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Turkey Foot Trail Prairie Area

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Wagtail Trail

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Wet Prairie Teal and Harrier Trails

Big Run Park

Blacklick Woods--Picnic Areas and Ashton Pond (Franklin County)

Blendon Woods Metro Park

Blendon Woods Metro Park--Sugarbush Trail

Blendon Woods Metro Park--Thoreau Pond

Bolton Field Airport--Public Parking Area

Boyer Nature Preserve

Brandon Park

Brandon Reserve

Campbell Memorial Park, Shrum Mound

Champions Golf Course

Chatterton Wetlands

Cherry Bottom Park

Clinton-Como Park

Clover Cemetery and Wetlands

Clover Groff Natural Area

Coffman Park

Cooper Park

Cruiser Park

Dalmore Park

Darby Dan Sod Farm

Davis Cemetery

Donegal Cliffs Park

Duranceau Park

Elk Run Park

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Franks Park

Fryer Park

Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve

Gantz Park

Glen Echo Park

Goodale Park

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus

Greenlawn Dam

Griggs Reservoir

Griggs Reservoir--Dam

Griggs Reservoir Park

Griggs Reservoir Park--Fishinger Road Bridge

Griggs Reservoir Park--South

Groveport Heritage Park

Harrison Smith Park, Columbus

Hall Road Intermittent Ponds

Haul Road Quarries

Hayden Falls Park

Heather Glen Park

Heritage Park, Westerville

Heritage Trail Metro Park

Heritage Rail-Trail--South of Hayden Run Road

Homestead Metro Park

Hoover Reservoir (Franklin County)

Hoover Reservoir--Area S

Hoover Reservoir--Hoover Dam Park

Hoover Reservoir--Spillway

Hoover Reservoir Walnut Boat Ramp

Huntley Bowl Park

Indian Run Meadows Park

Indian Run Falls

Indian Village Camp

Innis Park

Inniswood Metro Gardens

Jackson Pike Waste Water Treatment Plant

Jefferson Community Park

Jeffrey Park

Kendall Ridge Park

Kenney Park

Kiwanis Riverway Park

Lehnert Green Lake

Lou Berliner Park

M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve

Middlemore Retention Ponds

Mill Run Pond

Ohio Dominican University

Ohio State University--Campus Prairie

Ohio State University--Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens

Ohio State University--Chadwick Lake

Ohio State University--Drake Center at Olentangy River

Ohio State University--Kottman Hall Sports Fields

Ohio State University--Main Campus

Ohio State University--Mirror Lake and Browning Amphitheatre

Ohio State University--Waterman Farm

Ohio State University--West Campus Woodlots

Ohio State University--Wetlands

Ohio Statehouse

Olde Quarry Park

Olentangy Nature Trail

Olentangy Park

Olentangy River--5th Avenue

Olentangy Trail--I-270 to Worthington Hills Park

Olentangy Trail--Northmoor Park to Antrim Park

Olentangy Trail--Tuttle Park to Ohio State University Wetlands

Parkridge Park--Alum Creek Trail

Pickerington Ponds

Pickerington Ponds--Arrowhead Trail

Pickerington Ponds--Ellis Pond

Pickerington Ponds--Glacier Knoll Arrowhead Marsh Overlook

Pickerington Ponds--West (Franklin County)

Pickerington Ponds--Wood Duck Picnic Area

Pine Quarry Park

Port Columbus International Airport--Post Office Parking Lot

Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Darby Bend Lakes (Franklin County)

Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Sycamore Plains Trails

Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Upper Darby Canoe Access

Quarry Apartments Lake

Raymond Memorial Golf Course

Reibel Woods Park

Riverside Green Park

Rocky Fork Metro Park

Rush Run Park

Sawmill Wetland State Education Area

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Lower Scioto Park

Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Observation Deck

Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Whittier

Scioto Grove Metro Park

Scioto Mile Park

Scioto Park

Scioto River Trail--Dublin Road

Scioto River Trail--Scioto and Olentangy River Confluence

Scioto River--5th Avenue

Scottish Corners Park

Sharon Woods Metro Park (Franklin County)

Sharon Woods Metro Park--Schrock Lake

Spindler Road Park

Sunset Cemetery

Swickard Woods

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park

Three Creeks Metro Park

Three Creeks Metro Park--North

Thompson Park

Tuttle Park

Union Cemetery--East

Walhalla Road, Columbus

Walnut Woods Metro Park

Watermark Quarries

Wellington Park

Westbury Park

Whetstone Park

Whetstone Park--Ravine

Wilson Hill Park

Wolfe Park

Woodside Green Park

Wyandot Park

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