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Carroll County

Algonquin Mill

234 Autumn Road Southwest
Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Algonquin Mill webpage

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Algonquin Mill

Coordinates: 40.5129835, -81.1124039
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About Algonquin Mill

The Algonquin Mill, built about 1826, replaced a log mill built about 1818 by George Tope and operated by him until his death in 1845. Members of his family continued to operate the Mill until it was sold to Alexander Riley in 1865. Mr. Riley operated it until 1879 when it was bought by Dr. Jasper Tope. Partial interests were held at various times by James Rutledge, Jacob Allen, Jackson Tope, William Davis, William Rutledge, David Brooks, Thomas Rutledge and Melancthon Wagner. In 1890, the Mill was purchased by William N. Corey, who converted it from water to steam power.

Marion Hardesty bought the Mill in 1900 and operated it with his son, Clair, who eventually bought it. In 1917, Mr. Hardesty sold the Mill to John Miller of Basil(now Baltimore, OH), who installed the second set of boilers in the Mill. Mr. Miller’s daughter, Mae, married Arlie Chambers, who assisted his father-in-law in its operation until 1938 when it was shut down for the first time in 120 years. Mr. And Mrs. Arlie Chambers made the Mill available to the Carroll County Historical Society in 1969 for the purpose of restoring it as nearly as possible to its original form. At its peak, the Mill produced 25 barrels/day, grinding wheat, oats, corn, and buckwheat.
From Algonquin Mill webpage

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Eastern Bluebird
Photo by Jon Cefus

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